This is everything I threw for Grand Lake and Palo Alto this weekend


    I throw the pint vases from 1.25 lbs of clay, and they are 6 to 8 inches tall. Jeremy's cups hold about 6 ounces; he picked the design from among my pearls. I will glaze the 7 square bowls in "Rain", the color of the garlic jar above. 

      This week the 1.5 horsepower motor on my Soldner clay mixer died. I have ordered a new motor, but I have taken the plunge with Industrial Minerals Company in Sacramento; they have mixed the first 2000 pound batch of my porcelain recipe for me. This frees me up from mixing 3 tons per year in 100 pound batches. I will still use my mixer for the three other clay bodies I use, but in much smaller quantities. It will be necessary for experimentation, quality control, and making fine adjustments to all four clay bodies, including the porcelain IMCO will now be mixing for me.