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      I hope to offer perspectives of my work, my inspirations, and and a few glimpses of my process. A studio potter's work can evolve much faster than a large scale operation, since each piece is conceived, and flows from my fingertips individually. I encourage the taking of screen shots when you see something interesting, and emailing them to me for inquiry.

       The pages I have added most recently are at the top of the menu. I make a new page almost every week. As I add new pages, I move the older ones into the categories farther down in the menu. I revise, combine, and occasionally delete a page, as I hone my presentation. 

      *"The Works 11/15/19", shows every thrown  piece in progress on Thursday this week, then examples of the finished pieces On Saturday, the 12th. 

      *"Fresh Raku" Shows the results of my first raku firing of the season, on 9/18/19.      

      * In "Shamelessproductplacement" Geri and I arrange photo shoots of the pottery in some of our favorite environments.

      * In "Weekend mornings, set up", I offer time-lapse slideshows of arranging the pottery on the display. 

      * In "This week's throwing", I offer views of my workshop, with new work in progress.

      * In "Clay", I explore my various aspects of my favorite stuff, and why it is so utterly fascinating.

      * "Pottery making videos" are great fun.

      * "Pearls" are my weekly glaze application experiments. All are delightful, and a few wind up in my overall presentation.

      * In "New, interesting photos", I compile an assortment of photos which don't fit into any of these categories

      * "Market shedule" and "Available in Placerville" are resources for finding my work on display.


About Me


My Specialties

I mix my porcelain and glazes from recipes I have been developing since 1984, the year I decided to become a potter. I wheel throw most of my work, along with some extruding and hand building


My partner

Geri Beld, my wife and business partner of 30 years, rolls and manipulates slabs, uses pinch and coil technique, and helps with all efforts in the studio and on the road. We inspire each other toward creative breakthroughs.


Our presentation

Geri and I make all of this Monday through Friday, load up the van every Saturday morning, and bring our work to San Francisco Bay Area Farmers' Markets in rotation every Saturday and Sunday. Please tap our Market Schedule button at the top of this page.

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