Accelerated large scale throwing

This piece is thrown from three 5 pound lumps. It was my first experiment with accelerating the footage. It is a steady 4-times the actual speed, throughout. I like the way you can see the piece evolve, like a flower opening in time-lapse. And Django Reinhardt, too.

Sake sets aplenty

I make sake sets a couple of times per year, but I make sake cups continuously. When someone orders a full set, I often custom design the cup and pitcher volumes, and the number of cups. The cups are far more popular than the full sets. 

Ten dragons and a handprint cup

The big steins are the most popular pieces on which I apply the dragons. I modeled my    dragon image to reflect Asian and European traditions. 

Extra large ginger

This "Ginger jar" shape seems pretty traditional, to me. Any glaze effect looks great on it.